How to Ruin a Car Meet – General Guide

Don’t be THAT guy.

Did you attend our JDM TT 2.0? We didn’t expect over 300 cars to show up that night! The JDM 1.0 had about 200 cars and that was crazy! Anyhow, something happened during the later half of the meet, caused unwanted ruckus.

With over 800 attendants registered for JDM 3.0 based on our Facebook Event Page, here’s an anti-douchebag guide on how not to ruin a car meet:

Powersliding in/out of the meet
We have seen it plenty of times in videos although not many in Malaysian meets. It'll be a matter of time when someone will mess up and crash, hopefully not into innocent parked cars and bystanders. Don't do it.

Yes burnouts are cool and a sign of 'Murica’s freedom but we're Malaysian. Our government is too busy bickering over homosexual accusations and C4 explosion murder accusations. So let's respect everyone in the meet including those that are not related to the meet. Nobody likes to be smoked out like mosquitoes and have stones + rubber spewed all over like bullets.

Touching someones car
Don’t ever, ever, ever touch someones car without their permission. You wouldn’t like some random dude touching your girlfriend or wife. Especially leaning! (The picture above is probably the owner) Owners, please spank any wrong doers.

Ps: Parents, please keep your children close to you!

Racing near the meet
Any kind, drag racing or drifting, just don’t do it. This is the super-ultimate cop magnet. We no likem poh-poh tellin' us we can't meet no more.

Be a super introvert
Everyone can be friends - you're a car guy, I'm a car guy, he's a car guy, she's a car gal, we're all car enthusiasts. Don’t be shy. Just don’t talk sh*t and be respectful of cultural differences, beliefs and car modding concepts + beliefs. I'm a Supercharger guy and you're not. That doesn't make you an asshole, it just makes you wrong (joking!).

Bring a team of irresponsible RICERS
We're 'RaceNotRice' afterall. However we don't discriminate, ricers are still car enthusiasts - just misguided. Ricers are welcome to bring their Christmas tree cars however we don't welcome excessive loud blasting music and being a general nuisance with annoying BBQ flaming exhaust displays. Be a pleasant Christmas tree car enthusiast and you'll be more than welcome to join our events!

Respect everyone
Be it car owners or the general public, respect each other. Every car enthusiast have different philosophies and ideas. If everyone has the same opinion then we would have nothing interesting to see anymore.

For the love of God, go get your high after the meet! We don’t want pukey, rowdy people with fly-killing breath that can kill mosquitoes mid-air messing the meet for others. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

Owners, remember to lock your cars! And if it ain't yours to begin with, it still doesn't belong to you after the meet. Don't steal. Malaysia is a muslim country and muslim laws in the Middle East require your hands be chopped off for stealing. Though it doesn't apply in Malaysia, we cannot stop vigilante owners if they catch you.

Photograhers/Videographers, don’t be a douche.
You guys want people to move over, ask politely. Or, just be patient.

Lastly, CHEERS! For one of the biggest car meets to ever be held! We can’t wait. Remember, JUST PARK, AND CHILL.

* will not be responsible for anything that happens at the meet. You are your own responsibility.

- Bee